Jak and Becca Review Friday the 13th the Game

Based on the film series of the same title, Friday the 13th the Game was developed by indie game studio, IllFonic and successfully funded through a Kickstarter campaign. The game features infamous murder machine, Jason Voorhees, who, with a bit of coaxing from his dead mother, is fixated on revenge against the counselors at Crystal Lake Camp. In this online multiplayer, you are randomly selected to play as either Jason or a camp counselor. As Jason, your objective is to murder as many teenagers as possible. As a counselor, on the other hand, you only goal is to get out of camp alive.

Released in late May of this year, Becca and I have both been wanting to get our hands on this game for some time now. So in celebration of Friday the 13th, we finally decided to give one another the gift of good ol’ fashion murder. Treat yo’ self! Or, at least treat yo’ best friend, am I right?


Jak’s Take on Friday the 13th: the Game

Many people complain about Friday the 13th being chock-full of bugs, glitches, and connectivity issues. While, for the most part it ran pretty smoothly in-game for me, there’s truth to the negative reviews. My main complaint is with the connectivity. The first time we played, Becca and I spent an hour trying to party up. Either it would kick one of us from the game before it even started, or it wouldn’t allow us to join each other’s party at all. Since then, we haven’t had many issues with that aspect of it, but there were many times where it’d just be the two of us in a match. So we just kind of hung out and explored.

Becca and Jason

Becca chillin’ with her BFF Jason

It’s not all bad, though. In fact, overall, I really enjoyed Friday the 13th. I think that the game stays true to the 80’s slasher genre. It can be surprisingly funny at times and the vast variety of kill animations are over-the-top. Like one time, Jason crushed my head with a water pump. Another time I got hugged to death, which was kind of a nice way to die. I found playing Jason to be pretty challenging, but the fact that you can fine tune him to your preference with all those different moves and abilities makes up for it.

Friday the 13th the Game Screenshot

I can’t help but crack up every time I see this dude’s face

Probably my favorite aspect of the game is teamwork. As a counselor, you can partner up with others in your quest to freedom. Whether you repair a car together and drive off into the sunset or whoop Jason’s ass to protect a fellow counselor, it really feels like you’re all in this thing together. Even spectating other players from the afterlife is a blast. Becca and I will be watching from the sidelines, cheering on the remaining counselors as they attempt to escape Jason’s grasps. Honestly, I probably blow out Becca’s eardrums with all my hootin’ and hollerin’. My bad, girl! It’s just so triumphant when other players get out alive after most of us have died. It feels like my sacrifice somehow paid off in the end.

At the end of the day, despite its flaws, I’ve been having tons of fun with Friday the 13th and I’m glad we got this game. It’s a YES from me.

Heart Meter: 3/5




Becca’s Take on Friday the 13th: the Game

Before I dive into the positives and negatives, I would like to admit that I still don’t have it altogether when it comes to this game. I’m absolutely horrible as both Jason and a counselor. I spend a majority of my times hiding under beds, and running through the woods hoping Jason is preoccupied with someone else. Quite recently, I decided to start using the tactic of hitting him with whatever weapon, just because, why not? I’m gonna die anyway.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be good at Friday the 13th: the Game, and I think I’m totally okay with that fact. I still enjoy that the game feels just like the films. What else could I, a Horror film enthusiast, want in life?

As Jak mentioned above, one issue is what all of the reviews are saying: there’s a few connection and glitch issues. There’s nothing more frustrating than consistently getting kicked out of the party. Not only that, but it seems that it really likes to happen when I finally get the chance to be the man of the hour, Jason. I’ve been selected to be the hockey-masked killer five times so far, and have only been able to stay in the game one of those times. Illfonic seems to be very on it when it comes to issues though, and have delivered a few patches to fix known problems!

friday the 13th
Image Credit: Illfonic

Another issue for me was that it can feel very repetitive. I couldn’t imagine spending hours and hours playing this game. Yeah, yeah, I get it. There are so many different ways to survive, how can it feel repetitive? I’ve already admitted that I’m not so good at this game. I have not once found the gas can or the battery, okay?! The only thing I’ve been able to do is call Tommy Jarvis onto the scene.

Now that I got the cons out of the way, I’m ready to cover the pros. I love games that focus on teamwork. It’s hard to defeat Jason on your own (and if you’re really trying to bring him down, you really do need a team). Sure, you can run around the map solo, but it’s probably not gonna get you anywhere. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who aren’t into teamwork. I have been left behind, thanks to someone who decided to drive a four-seater away while I was standing right there. Yes, I’m still bitter.

As mentioned before, this game does feel like the movies. I feel like I’ve actually been placed into Camp Crystal Lake, and I love it. I love the fear that overcomes me, as I see the television flicker out (a sign that Jason is nearby). I love the satisfaction I feel when I’m able to break-free from Jason’s grasp. I love it all. Illfonic really did that for us, and I’m so appreciative. Also, Kane Hodder is Jason in the game and I feel so blessed.

Friday the 13th
Image Credit: Illfonic

To sum it up, this is definitely a game I’d recommend, especially if you have someone to play with. I have so much fun cheering on the surviving teammates with Jak over microphone. And I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who loves Horror films.

Heart Meter: 3/5


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